Rocket League’s New Update Brings Basketball to the Mix

Nearly three weeks ago, we received a look at a teaser for the upcoming Basketball mode in Rocket League. Although we have passed the March madness expected launch, we can now expect to get our hands on the new feature next month.

Within the month of April, the studio Psyonix will be releasing a free to download update called Dunk House. This pack will include both a map and game mode for players to enjoy shooting hoops with their vehicles. The use of physics in Rocket League will surely be a test for some as they try to get a handle on landing the perfect jump in order to score a ‘slam dunk’. Rocket League‘s Twitter account shared a .gif of what we can expect from the new update and how it compares to the standard soccer formula.

Currently, there is no word on a confirmed release date from the team at Psyonix. We are however expecting to hear back before the NBC playoffs on April 16th. On Twitter, the Rocket League account responded to a questioning fan in a way that seemed to hint at when we can expect this new content.

Interested parties can purchase Rocket League across a variety of platforms. The video game is currently supported on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS for $19.99. In the future, we are expecting cross-platform play across several platforms for those who have friends favoring one system over another.

Sources: Rocket League Twitter, PCGamer

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