Overwatch set to release on May 24th. Thanks IGN!

It’s just nearly impossible to keep a game completely under wraps. You can hush the press, you can force people to sign NDA’s, however at one point or another, something simply is going to happen. Case in point is the snafu that IGN recently committed that revealed the release date for Blizzards’s upcoming team based first person shooter, Overwatch. Thanks to an full site ad placement, we now know that Overwatch will be released on May 24, 2016. And while it was already known that the game would be released in the Spring of 2016, we have an official date to align that with. 

What’s more is you do happen to pre-order the game, you’ll also score access to another beta that begins on May 3. I would think that this would be the final beta and is more of a stress test than anything.


No doubt that Blizzard is likely  more than a little upset about this, especially since it was rumored that they were going to be making an announcement about this soon, only to have their thunder pulled away from them. But in the end it’s good news for us gamers. Though, this also means that May is just as loaded as April is, when it comes to gaming. Keep in mind that Overwatch comes in three favors; Standard – $39.99 (PC only), Origins Edition – $59.99 and the Collectors Edition for $129.99.

And yes, that ad has been pulled, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, once it’s up you can never take it back!

Source: Reddit

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