No Man’s Sky Coming June 21st for PS4 & PC

Sean Murray, of Hello Games, took to the Playstation Blog today to break the big news: No Man’s Sky has an official release date. Coming out on June 21, the space-exploration game will also be getting a Blu-ray retail release, says Murray.

In his post, Murray mentions an exclusive press event held recently (the embargo of which ends today) where journalists were allowed to play a near complete build of the game that put on display additional gameplay mechanics. In particular, he mentions features such as natural hazards, as well as “how to learn alien languages, and for the first time we showed off some alien races you will be able to communicate with.” Yes, that’s right. The game will indeed feature NPCs.

It has been suggested recently that the game will be priced as a full $59.99 title. That is now confirmed. Murray has, in the past, talked about post-launch support for the game. He says, “No Man’s Sky will launch as a complete game in June, but there’s a lot we’d like to add post-launch, if we can”. Will this mean DLC, or will Hello Games offer this content as part of the package? At the present, this has not been clarified.

What we do know, however, is that in addition to the retail release, there will be a special collector’s edition available for $79.99 (if the Gamestop’s site is to be believed), including an artbook, a steelbook game case, a No Man’s Sky comic book (with contributions from Dave Gibbons) as well as bonus pre-order DLC.