Nintendo Claims Wii U Will Continue Production

It looks like the Wii U will live on after all

Yesterday, it was reported that Nintendo would be ending production of the Wii U sometime in 2016, according to The Nikkei. However, in a new report from Famitsu, Nintendo has denied this claim. The text in the article posted roughly translates to the following:

Today, March 23, 2016, it has been reported by multiple media outlets that the Wii U will halt production by the end of the year. Responding to, Nintendo Public Relations Group has stated that this announcement was not from Nintendo, and that the Wii U will continue production even after the next fiscal year.

So it appears the Wii U is safe and sound for the foreseeable future. Good thing, because there’s still plenty to come to the console this year. Anything you’re excited for? Let us know in the comments below.