Look out Play-Asia, Amazon Japan Is Coming for Your Lunch

In an amazing turn of events that no one expected, Amazon of Japan is now selling games international. While this was typically something that smaller websites do, it seems that Amazon is really set on being the number one stop for gamers, which also includes their 20% discount on new and pre-ordered titles. News of this first was spread via Twitter, as Amazon hasn’t made this news public. Perhaps it’s due to a mistake, as this isn’t the first time this has happened, but perhaps this is the real deal this time.

Setting up an account to test this out is pretty simple as well. Just head over to https://www.amazon.co.jp and click on the link that says “In English” and from there you can setup an account. Once you find the item you want and click on check out, just click on “Add International Address” and fill that form out to complete the sale. Sadly since this a new account you won’t be able to use your Amazon Prime if you’re an existing customer on Amazon else where, but this this is worth it. I just completed my sale of Dark Souls 3 for the PS4 and that means I’ll get to enjoy it, several weeks ahead of the North American release.

Thank you Amazon Japan, thank you!

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