Kit Bash: Sandrock465’s custom Graze Delta kit

I’m  a huge fan of Gundam, regardless of what it is. Anime, manga, video games, doesn’t matter. Especially when it comes to those lovely Gunplas, oh I so love me some Gunplas! So when I happen to see an extending well done job, i have to take notice. Case in point is this little project known as the “Graze Delta” from Reddit User Sandrock465.  It was love at first sight, well for me anyway. Judging from the quality of this build, there was definitely some time put into bringing this to life.

Fans of the recent anime, Mobile Suit Gundam: Ironblooded Orphans, that may know of the Graze, but are likely scratching their heads and exclaiming “That’s a Graze”? Well in fact it is, just very customized in more ways than one. This is definitely not the mass produced mobile suit and instead is a combination of multiple parts from several different gunpla kits.

But what exactly is it and what sets it apart from the original and boring Graze units? Let’s find out.



Starting from the top of the Graze Delta, Sandrock465 began working on the unit by taking the visor of a GN Archer (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), as well as the head piece from an Overflag (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) and combined those parts with the original head of the Graze. That gives it that menacing, yet regal look. Next he took the rifle from a Jegan ECOAS, as well as the highheels / feet from a Reborns Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) kit. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, they kind of look like the feet of the Gundam Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.


Graze Delta Modular Assault Combat Systems (MACS) – Look at all the toys!

Next up are the custom weapon systems, and let’s me honest here. What’s a Gundam without a slick and full loaded weapon layout? Well the Graze Delta doesn’t disappoint with it’s Graze Delta Modular Assault Combat Systems (MACS), as Sandrock465 calls it. A two prong attack system, the MACS includes two distinct makeups; the Graze Delta Jäger and the Graze Delta Panzer. Fans of mecha and anime may also recongize those names from another series, Zoids: New Century, which also happens to be a favorite of mine. And in the same fashion, both the Jäger and the Panzer, act as that infamous Liger Zero does.


The Graze Delta Jäger, which consists off a backpack unit, Backpack unit, the side leg guards, shoulders, and the Beam Scythe. The backpack on this unit is the a combination of the original Graze schwalbe and the Overflag’s thrusters. All the original cone boosters, have been replace with more vent-like thruster to help the suit be more cohesive as a build.

The right Arm beam saber was made using a cut-off Beam Saber from a kotobukiya weapons kit. The left arms is mounted with a Energy Shield from the same weapons Kit.

This is a quick, agile and in your face version that seems to focus on hand to hand and close quarter combat.


Graze Delta Jäger

In addition, the Graze Delta Jäger, has access to a customized scythe that was actually made up of another Overflag arm, that’s attached to a pole-arm from one of Kotobukiya weapons packs. The cable on it comes from the original Graze, while the head of the scythe is able to rotate up and down due to the hinge in the Over Flag arm.  

Graze Delta Jäger with Beam Scythe

Then we have the Graze Delta Panzer, which takes a more ranged approached to combat.  The Main features for the Panzer are the Generator for the Long Rifle, armored Shoulders with a mounting point for the rifle, and missiles in place of the side armor. The Back pack Generator comes from the Ez-8 SR kit, while the Long Rifle comes from the Gaplant “Hairoo”
This is the type of suit that can just sit back and pick you off without you evening knowing what happened or even seeing it.  Just look at that beam rifle! I’d hate to be at the other end of that monster.



All in all, this is easily one of the more impressive kit bashs I’ve seen in a while and Sandrock465 should be proud of his customized Graze Delta. Now if there was some way of getting this beauty into the anime. Are you paying attention Bandai? Surely this Graze is a lot better than that Ryusei-Go job that Shino is using now… get rid of that and put this instead!

Nice work, Sandrock465!

*Pictures published with permission from Sandrock465.

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