Hercules (2015), Issues #1 to #4 Review

Hercules (2015-) 001-000Title: Hercules (2015) Issues #1 to #4 Review
Author(s): Dan Abnett
Publisher(s): Marvel
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero
Release Date: November 4, 2015, December 9, 2015, January 20, 2016, February 24, 2016.

In recent years Hercules, the premier superhero of the ancient world, has been reduced to a laughing-stock due to this various acts of inappropriate conduct. After several years of having too much fun, the Lion of Olympus seeks to repair his reputation and remind the people how he set the standard of heroism in the first place. During this time, Hercules encounters a surge of magical beings rampaging through New York in hopes of escaping an unknown “storm.” This threat wishes to eradicate the mythical creatures and gods of old and usher in a new era of deities. In addition, Hercules continues to see grim visions of his sister, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, standing on the sidelines but saying nothing. The mighty Hercules must uncover what these visions of Athena mean and how he can stop this oncoming evil which threatens the magical community. 

Final Word:

 This story serves as a good follow-up from Greg Pak’s Incredible Hercules series as it provides some excellent development for Hercules. Much like the Nine Labors of Hercules, this tale is one of redemption as Hercules tries to make up for his inappropriate acts of debauchery  in recent years. The strength of the character is that while he can be fool-hardy, the Olympian still knows what it means to be brave and a hero. The pacing of the story thus far feels gradual as readers have enough to time to sympathize with Hercules as he attempts to improve himself.

Hercules is shown sober with an updated arsenal and outfit. He is determined to regain respect from the public, all the while still being a charming, good-natured hero.

Hercules 002-000

However, in any episodic story of mythic proportions, there is evil afoot and monsters to fight. Much like Thor comics, a great deal of Hercules’s adventures revolves around the magical and divine community which makes for great fantasy stories.

As for the villains, the build up to the evil gods of the modern age has been handled well. At this point the readers know nothing much other than the fact that magical community is frightened which creates a sense of dread and menace.

Luke Ross does a fine job with the art , the action scenes are enjoyable especially when seeing the muscle-bound and rugged Hercules pull out grenade launchers, machine guns and tasers against giants, centaurs and shadow creatures. The fight scenes can also be very detailed, engrossing and exciting in a various scenes.

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Hercules get's his grove back!


This new Hercules series really does justice for the son of Zeus as the next chapter in his life. He’s still fighting monsters and gods but he has a lot to atone for if he wants to be taken seriously in the eyes of the people.

  • 8.5/10
    Overall score - 8.5/10
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