Havel Makes His Return in Dark Souls III and Yes He Still Hurts

While only being released a few days ago in Japan, Dark Souls III has quickly become my favorite game in the Souls Series. Tons of stuff to do, lots of fan service and yes folks Havel. The Rock of the Dark Soul’s series has made his return and he’s still the pain in the butt that we remember from Dark Souls. 

After getting my ass handed to be throughout my adventures in Archdragon Peak, I happened onto a familiar foe. Fans of the original Dark Souls will not doubt remember this guy. Havel “aka” The Rock. Easily one of the hardest characters in Dark Souls and a fan favorite.

Considering that Dark Souls III serves to bridge the two titles I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see him show up.

If you never been to Archdragon Peak, it works the same way that the Old Monk battle or Looking Mirror Knight battle. NPC’s will summon other NPC’s and while this isn’t in the same fight, Havel was summoned previously on me, who proceeded to double-team me and kick my butt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Havel is back in the house. Hopefully you all have as much fun finding and fighting him as I did. And no I won’t tell you where he is.

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    John Gotti

    Thanks for the spoiler warning, would expect better from a co-founder and EIC. Really appreciate this popping up on my Facebook.

    • Clinton Bowman
      Clinton Bowman

      Sorry, fam. The game did start getting released into the wild the week of March 23rd, and footage of the game was making its way out before that anyway. We didn’t feel the need to put the spoiler tag on it, considering the situation and circumstance, however, I do apologize if it made you feel some sort of way.