How to Find Orbeck the Sorcerer in Dark Souls III

Part of the fun of Dark Souls III is finding new things as well as the hidden NPC’s. However when you’ve searched and searched yet never find what you’re looking for that, well that usually ends in frustration. So let us help you. This time we’re focusing on Orbeck of Vinheim, who happens to be the sorcerer that is needed to progress through the sorceries in Dark Souls III. Like many of his fellow NPCs, he is in plain sight but is easily overlooked.

Keep this in mind, however, if you do not have at least 10 INT then he will not talk to you nor will he depart to Firelink Shrine. Lastly, if you manage to find him and don’t give him a scroll before you defeat four bosses, he’ll leave. Something about you not holding up your end of the bargain. So if you plan on using sorcery in Dark Souls III, be sure to keep feeding him scrolls.

We have plenty more guides for Dark Souls III coming up, so stay tuned!