Fallout 4: Far Harbor May Have Underwater Combat

Yesterday, Reddit user WilliamWallace2K14 took to the Fallout subreddit to share with the community some meshes he had uncovered while digging around in the Fallout 4 game files. While information like this should always be taken with a grain of salt, the last time this sort of post was made it was quickly confirmed by Bethesda, so the data mining community has been fairly reliable in this case.

As far as content goes, the post explained that the user had come across a sparse folder called “DLC03,” implying Fallout 4: Far Harbor, as it’s the third planned DLC release. Within this file was found meshes for new enemy types, but most interesting was a completely new mesh for some sort of squid or octopus. Furthermore, a script called “TestUnderWaterWorldScript.pex” makes many references to the previously discovered harpoon gun and some sort of Power Armor ability not currently in the game.

The most popular theories in the community are pointing towards underwater combat and exploration, perhaps even a BioShock-esque city, for Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Keep in mind; however, that Bethesda has yet to comment on any of this information.

In other Fallout 4 news, the first DLC release, Automatron, is available today. Xbox One and PC users should already have access, but unfortunately for us PS4 peasants we are stuck waiting until 1 PM EST. Stay tuned for my review of said content, and for my full review of the original title check here.

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