Fairy Tail Anime Coming to an End for Now

Revealed in Kondansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine,  the Fairy Tail (2014) anime will be ending in two weeks on March 26, bringing this run of the show up to a total of 102 episodes with a series total of 277 episodes. Unlike last time; however, Hiro Mashima has announced that the anime will return and a new Fairy Tail project is starting.  The announcement did not state what the new project is, but many people have begun to speculate that it could be the anime adaptation of the myriad of side mangas that have been published.  

The anime is still catching up to the manga.  Even with the Fairy Tail Zero filler arc (which was one of the side mangas and considered canon material), the anime would be entering the Spriggan 12 arc, should it continue, which is where the manga is now.  There simply isn’t enough main story material left to animate.  This was the same issue that happened back in Fairy Tail‘s original run as well.  They ended the first season in the middle of the Grand Magic Games arc and when they did, the anime was dangerously close to being on par with the manga.  In fact, they were within 20 chapters of adapting the series as a whole and if you figure each episode covers 1-3 chapters, that doesn’t make for a lot of episodes.

So it looks like Fairy Tail will be taking another break.  It could be gone for as long as one year once again, but that will all depend on when Hiro Mashima feels comfortable enough in resuming the series.  So long for now, Fairy Tail!  

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