Destiny Content Confirmed for April

Today’s “This Week At Bungie” dropped the best news Guardians have heard in a long time: Update 2.2 is coming to Destiny on April 12. It promises new PvE content, a new light level cap, and new gear. While details are still somewhat vague, DeeJ singled out a new strike that will be part of the package, called “The Blighted Chalice”. There will also be “Sandbox and Crucible updates” in addition to the PvE content.

More information is on its way regarding the update, via Twitch streams on March 23, 30, and April 6 (all at 11 AM PST).

The most interesting part of the Destiny update, however, was not necessarily the written word but the featured picture. While the idea of Taken Guardians or a Taken shader is exciting, a closer examination reveals that those Guardians are wearing Prison of Elders armor. This has led to plenty of speculation that perhaps this is a hint at a possible rejuvenation of older end game content that has become somewhat irrelevant since the release of The Taken King.

Obviously, Bungie might just have a special place in their hearts for that armor set. We shall see next Wednesday. For more Destiny news, keep it tuned right here, folks.