New Video Breaks down the Graphical Settings of Dark Souls III on PC

While Fromsoftware’s Dark Souls III won’t be hitting the PC until later on in April 2016, that doesn’t mean we  have to wait for the release of it to get more info on the title. Thanks to the review copies that have been sent out for review purposes there are several articles and videos that are circulating on the internet, giving us an idea of what we’ll expect to see when the game is finally released. One such video from Candyland gives us a look at the PC version of Dark Souls III, by breaking it down to both low and maximum settings and damn does it look good.

We compare the graphics of Dark Souls 3 on PC with low, medium, high and max graphics settings – we are using an official review version (1.01) for that, so please keep in mind, that this is NOT the final version of the game. A detailed overview of the graphics options can be found at the end of the video. We could not disable v-sync by now (neither in the options, nor in xml or .ini settings) so no FPS counter for now. Hope this will be updated soon.

When I say they’ve broken it down, I mean they’ve taken it from lower end to the upper echelon of settings and painted us a very attractive picture to say the least. So while we have to wait until April 2016, well unless you’re a Dark Souls or Bloodborne Twitch streamer, at the very least we can see what we’re in store for once we finally have the title installed on our PC.

Thanks for this, Candyland!

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