Comic Book Corner Week of 3/25/16

Comic Book Corner


Welcome back to Comic Book Corner everyone.  Below are my recommendations of all comics & manga for the week of 3/25/16.

The Punisher Max Vol 2 – Marvel with their infinite wisdom has finally decided to reprint Garth Ennis’s Punisher Max run. This is one of the best punisher runs next to Stephen’s Grant’s and Mike Zeck’s Circle of Blood mini series. Fun fact Circle of Blood was intended as a four issue mini series but due to the success of sales it got pushed to a five issue mini series. What makes the Punisher Max series phenomenal is not the excessive brutality that Frank Castle deals to criminals, it’s how Garth Ennis woven the these stories where Frank Castle is an element of the story and not the story itself. I highly recommend picking this volume up. If you haven’t picked the first Punisher Max volume 1 do it now.

Starfire Vol 1. – This isn’t Scott “OMG How the hell do you have a job at DC you worthless piece of #$%&” Lodbell’s Starfire and we should thank our DC overlords for once. For you readers here’s some back story. A long long time ago early in the DC 52 launch, DC’s creative management decided “let’s have a Red Hood have his own team series with Starfire and Arsenal written by none other than Scott Lodbell. Wouldn’t that be swell.” As much as I loath Red Hood as a character Scott Lodbell ruined (pronounced ruINED in this case) StarFire as a character for a long time. Essentially that cute innocent orange alien into a hardcore sex icon bimbo because nothing says getting more readers like rebooting a character into a whore. This lasted years…. YEARS.  

Jimmy Palmoitti & Amanda Conner has done it again. They captured the essence of fun and quirky nature of Starfire with this reboot. If you’re a Starfire fan either from the Teen Titans TV show or the original comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, pick this up you earned it. Scott Lodbell can’t hurt you anymore.


The Rattler – My cohort Elizabeth Lotto wrote an amazing review on this book. Personally I’m picking this up for Greg Hinkle’s art. He amazing on this as well as Airboy. Secondly Jason Mcnamara does a fanstastic job on setting the tone from horror, to psychological, to even humor at times. This book will keep you on your toes to the end. 


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