Comcast Is about to Lay the 1Gbps Smackdown on Atlanta

While Fios and Google fiber are still considered the best two providers of broadband in North America, it looks like Comcast is about to make a major wave and possibly get both the attention of both Verizon and Google. Traditionally when it comes to broadband and internet access, Comcast doesn’t have the best reputation, with its low up/down stream as well as introduction of caps, all of which cause headaches for gamers who love to game on the net or stream, as well as those who’ve given up on cable and now depend on services like Netflix, Hulu and many others. They’ve been a huge headache for quite some time.

Recently it’s come to light however that Comcast is about to provide 1Gbps access on its network, starting with residents in Atlanta, Georgia. For $80 a month under contract, they’ll be able to enjoy a 1Gbps connection that will allow them to download what typically takes minutes now, to just a few seconds.


What makes this more interesting is unlike Google or Fios, this doesn’t require any fiber and instead only requires a new DOCSIS compliant 3.1 modem, so it use their existing infrastructure that is already in place. In addition, Comcast has also stated that there will be no data caps with this new service, unlike current Comcast offerings. In comparison to Fios’s offering which tops out at a 300Mbps connection and costs over $150 a month or even Comcast’s own Xfinity Gigabit Pro which overs a 2Gbps connection for $300 a month, $80 a month for 1GBPS and an unlimited amount of transfer seems like a dream.

While this is being seen as a trial, this will be rolled out in small numbers in Atlanta as well as Nashville, with Detroit, Miami and Chicago later on in 2016. No word on where else Comcast plans to offer this service as of yet.

So if you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are looking for a new ISP, you may want to check out Comcast and see if you’re eligible for their 1Gbps service. I just wish they were coming to Delaware. I love my 100/100Mbps Fios connection, but I’d be a fool to pass up 1Gbps for that price. 

Source: DSL Reports

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