Blizzard Spoils the next Hearthstone Expansion

It’s just a lovely day in the neighborhood. You’re taking a stroll along the sidewalk and then two days before Blizzard’s live stream, you see something that catches your eye, but whatever could it be?


Blizzard decided to hire some people to paint a large advertisement for their upcoming Hearthstone expansion.  While many could say it’s speculation, the most condemning evidence is on Hearthstone’s official site. Before the Blackrock Mountain adventure mode went live, Blizzard placed cards in their random card rotation banner that not only had fire themes to them, but also depicted creatures from World of Warcraft‘s Blackrock Mountain zone.  They’ve done the same this time, placing cards such as Mind Control, Dark Whispers, and Faceless Manipulator in the rotation.  Everyone who follows Warcraft lore knows that all of those cards have ties to the Old Gods.

Thanks to a couple of painters looking to make some money at the hands of Blizzard Entertainment, it’s pretty safe to say that March 11’s announcement will officially unveil Whispers of the Old Gods as the next Hearthstone expansion! Also of interesting note, Blizzard themselves stated that a major patch will launch before the end of this month meaning that we are two weeks away from experiencing Standard and Wild formats.  This does not mean the new expansion will also launch this month, but Blizzard did state before that Wild and Standard would go live BEFORE the expansion.  Then again, sometimes plans do change… just like when Blizzard said there would no longer be a one year gap between a World of Warcraft‘s final expansion patch and the next expansions release.

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