Outerhaven Anime: First Reaction – She and Her Cat

It feels a bit odd to be doing a first reaction nine weeks into an anime season, but it happens to be the case as Makoto Shinkai’s anime adaptation of his previous five minute short has begun airing! This is a first look at Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko, or known by the English title, She and Her Cat!

First Episode Impressions

Much like the original, there were only about five minutes worth of content here, but this series will be running for four episodes on a weekly basis. The first episode sets up our story when Tomoko, who is the main character’s roommate, moves out and leaves her and her black cat to live on their own. The main character, who hasn’t been named as of yet, refuses to move back home with her mother and, instead, does her best to look for a job.

The focal point of this anime isn’t really the girl, but more or less the cat. There is a male voice doing the narration, telling the story from the cat’s perspective. The girl returns home dead tired every single night and we even get to see her lying in bed next to application rejection letters. The episode gets a bit deep here as the cat has a narration stating that her pain becomes his pain, but he can’t do anything about it.

Makoto Shinkai has been known to tug at your heartstrings and even though these are just five minute shorts, I have a feeling this is going to be another series of his that will do the same. This is especially true at the end of the first episode where the cat says “Beyond the iron door there is a cruel world, but she’s doing her best.”  Just awesome, deep dialogue!

Worth Watching?

YES – Whether it’s five minutes or two hours, Makoto Shinkai is a wonderful writer that tells emotional stories. Don’t let this show pass you by. Perhaps you can even watch it for a bit of self reflection. It just that kind of show that I think people will enjoy.

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Josh Piedra

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