WWE Pay-Per-View Predictions: WWE Fastlane 2016

Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) v. Brie Bella


Clinton: Honestly, I try not to talk much about Charlotte, because ever since they gave her the title, she’s been gloriously terrible as a champion. I also feel like she’s only up there because of her father, but that’s my personal problem. Objectively speaking, knowing everything that’s surrounding this match, Nikki’s neck injury and Daniel Bryan’s retirement, as well as with Brie’s probable pending retirement, I can definitely see Brie Bella getting another Divas’ Championship run before she gets going.

Joshua: Okay…I know the whole Brie is Daniel Bryan’s wife and whatnot and there will be that sympathetic vibe coming into this one, but honestly, I really REALLY don’t care about this match. Charlotte is a TERRIBLE worker.  When Nikki Bella did her best to show how much she improved and worked over Charlotte’s leg for damn near 20 minutes, and then Charlotte no sold it, that was it for me.  It happened again in Charlotte’s next big match, too.  She may be Ric Flair’s daughter, but to quote James Gandolfini from The Last Castle:  “Well, sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.”  Since Brie is on her way out, I think she’ll walk away with the title and then drop it when she’s ready to hang them up.

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