We go hands on with Rogue Stormers for PC

If you asked me what exactly was Rogue Stormers, a new and upcoming title from Black Forest Games, I’d have several mixed answers for you. WHile the game is being pushed as part Rogue-Like, part Run and Gun with RPG elements, I’d would differ and say it reminds me of games from the “Golden Years” of gaming. You know, Contra, Turrican, Gunstar Heroes, Metal Slug and similar games such as those. Sure there’s RPG elements in it, but at the heart of the game is “pew pew” and don’t die.

So that’s exactly what I tried to go with my first go with Rogue Stormers and while I didn’t do so well, I was amazed at the title and can’t wait for the team to show us more, that and give us more playable characters to play with. Sure it has it rough edges, but it’s in Steam Early Access and is still a beta, so I can’t be super critical. 

So check out 20 minutes of hands on game-play with Rogue Stormers and be sure to let me and Black Forest Games know what you think about the title.

First and foremost, I want to thank the PR firm that gave me access to Black Forest Game’s Rogue Stormers. Alright, this game is an attempt to combine several popular genre elements such as RPG’s, Run and Gun and Rogue-likes, to create a wacky and off the wall twin-stick shooter that has the potential to be something special.

So check out 20 minutes of game play as I check out the game and give my impressions with Rogue Stormers.

Rogue Stormers Blog – http://blog.black-forest-games.com/category/roguestormers/
Rogue Streamers Steam Page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/299480/

Finally, thanks to Black Forest Games for providing access to the title and expect more game-play coverage for Rogue Stormers as well.



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