Viz Media’s Sailor Moon R Part 2 Delivers All New Extras

The highly anticipated re-release of Sailor Moon by Viz Media is chugging along. Sailor Moon R wraps up in the second half of this set. This also contains a ton of extras ranging from Sailor Moon Day at Otakon, Sailor Moon Anniversary, behind-the- scenes Dub footage, and more. If you pre-ordered way in advance, you also received a nice set of cards.

It is important to note that this set released with some issues – Blu-Ray/DVD disc 2 is defected in the first batch of stock. Retailers were supposed to return the bad batches but not all of them did. So if you’re stuck the defected discs in question, contact Warner Bros. for replacement discs. If you recently purchased Sailor Moon R part 2, you’re probably not effected.

**Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be sending out a FREE replacement Disc 2 Blu-ray and/or DVDs to those who have already purchased the Blu-ray Combo Pack or the Standard DVD edition. Fans should call toll free ­800-553-­6937, Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time, to provide their name, address and telephone number so that a replacement disc can be mailed.

The faulty Blu-ray (Part # 2000109001) will be replaced with a disc with Part # 2000117933.

The faulty DVD (Part # 2000108875) will be replaced with a disc with Part # 2000117931.


With this set you get the standard Blu-ray packaging that contains 6 discs (Blu-ray + DVD combo), and the standard O card holo-foil slip jacket for your dvd case. If you purchased Sailor Moon R part 1 Limited Edition, you can just toss the slipcase from part 2 and remove the placeholder that came with the chipboard case in part 1. This will fit perfectly in that box and you’ll have parts 1 and 2 living together.

Image Quality

The image quality has been fairly consistent across the different releases so far. While the colors have changed (to some people’s dismay), I don’t mind the new shades because I’m getting some sharp lines and a crisp look that helps the aging anime look a little younger. Consider this to be a face lift. This release doesn’t get rid of the major quality issues that existed with the original release, but it makes it smooth enough to enjoy on our modern HDTVs.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 20.11.56As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I don’t think there is a marked difference between the Blu-ray and DVD versions. I lean towards the thought that old tv shows and movies don’t need a Blu-ray release since you’ll never get the quality expected on those discs. The sole purpose of putting this series on Blu-ray is simply because that’s the ‘winning format’ of the current period. Don’t expect HD quality from a show that is older than today’s college graduate.

Sound Quality

I thought the sound was pretty fair compared to the previous releases. I found the background music and the voices to be fairly consistent in volume. I wasn’t sitting, armed with my remote, to increase the volume or decrease it. That is a nice change from what I had to do with the other Sailor Moon sets and Ranma 1/2. It looks like Viz finally figured something out on this one. Hopefully the next sets will follow this trend. This applies to the English dub as well. Both the Japanese and the English tracks had consistent volume. Relax and sit back… you won’t have to struggle to hear the Japanese voices and you won’t go deaf when the action happens.

Overall Thoughts

I am happy that Viz is bringing back Sailor Moon and I have no complaints about this set. The sound quality is improved so that nixes one of my complaints. Now I can only wish that Viz would release each season as a set instead of splitting them into two parts. A season shouldn’t cost $80 dollars to own.


Every Moonie should buy this – if you didn’t have the chance to buy Sailor Moon the first time around, now is your chance. I especially encourage it if you can find the sets at a discounted price. Additionally, you’ll get the new English dub which is quite an improvement over the original English. Knowing that the remaining seasons were originally released by Pioneer, I am curious to see how Viz will out-shine them. That is when the real comparison begins.

*Product provided for review.

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