Transformers: Battle Tactics Closing Its Doors

Transformers: Beast Wars was my first introduction to the Transformers franchise. All hail Cheetor (far right)

Transformers: Beast Wars was my first introduction to the Transformers franchise. All hail Cheetor (far right)

Autobots, fall back. DeNA’s mobile strategy game TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics has announced its plans for closure. Battle Tactics was DeNA’s (formerly Mobage) second attempt at a game with the Transformers IP. TRANSFORMERS: Legends was a mobile card game much like their Marvel: War of Heroes game. Legends shut down in late 2015, months after the release of Battle Tactics

Boasting a wide range of autobots and decepticons, with characters like Optimus Primal and Cheetor of the Maximals, TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics was unfortunately criticized as being a crash grab and saw a decline in its player base.

To send off the game, the admins will be putting on a Grand Finale Event, in which players will be able to easily collect all available characters. Here’s a rundown of the schedule:

2/25: The game will receive no further updates, and all updates that have been in the works are officially cancelled. Support, forums, and the Fan Page will remain open. There will be no events at this time until the Grand Finale.

3/4: The preview of the Grand Finale event will be posted to the forums.

3/10: TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics will be removed from the App Store, All options to purchase gold and Energon will be disabled, and the TFBT forums will also be closed.

3/11: The Grand Finale event will begin.

5/12: The Grand Finale event will end, the servers will be turned off, support will be closed, and Transformers: Battle Tactics will be no more .

For those that have played, my condolences to you. It’s never fun having a game you enjoy getting shut down.

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