Yes folks, this is Black History month so get over it

February is here and that means the age old debate on what there’s month dedicated to showing off the accomplishments and achievements stirs its head again. Now, I’m a black male in this great country of North American and I completely feel the affects of these debates as both sides do have valid points, however I’m not so jaded as some other people out there… ahem, Stacy Dash, who feel that Black History month is simply uncalled for and should be removed from our calanders. Between me and you, I feel she just wants to be relevant again.

However, I feel that MTV actually hit the nail on the head with this most recent video, so definitely check it out and let me know if you agree with it. It’s pretty knowledgeable and there’s topics in there that I didn’t even know about, such as Blacks contributed to Country Music… that in it’s self is ironic in this day and age.

Hell, I had my way, we’d look at all of the accomplishments every month, but the sad reality is that we don’t. So we get February and is that so bad? So embrace it, celebrate it and let’s just do this damned thing and work together to make everyday a better one.


Video Source: MTV

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