Rollcage successor GRIP is now on Steam Early Access

We talked about this futurist racer before and we’re happy to see that despite the Kickstarter being pulled, that the team behind GRIP had not given up on the title. And now that it’s officially in Steam Early Access, we’ll we’re bouncing off the walls or or at least I am.  This is great news for everyone who wanted to get on the Kickstarter or the private beta but couldn’t.


Currently priced at $15.99 on Steam Early Access, the title will feature a few different modes, new levels and more.

  • 1 vehicle (12 skins)
  • 3 Game modes (Race, Arena & Playground)
  • 6 Levels (some WIP)
  • 4 Weapons (Homing missile, machine gun, mine, leader rocket)
  • 2 Power-ups (Shield, Turbo)
  • 7 Ingame music tracks
  • Play single player (against AI) or Split-screen with a friend

And for those wondering what the Early Access version will compare to the full version, Caged Element, has provided a statement in regards to that very question.

Early access will not have many features at first. Our main goal early on, is perfecting GRIP’s core gameplay. We want to make sure the game plays very, very well before we start adding the bulk of the content.

Once the vehicle physics, pick-ups, multiplayer functionality and AI are where we need them to be, we’ll start to release new content that can change over time depending on feedback from the community.

The full version of GRIP will have 8 cars (4 classes), 12 tracks (4 planets), 10 pick-ups, career mode, arcade mode, arena mode (with arenas), precision mode (with a few tracks), elimination mode, multiplayer (online or local LAN and split-screen), mod tools for custom cars, and (depending on funding moving forward) a track editor so players can build their own courses.

So if your serious or curious about GRIP, check it out over at

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