Pocket Rumble is finally makes it’s debut on Steam

Fans of past fighters such as Neo Geo Pocket are going to love this, as Pocket Rumble is basically a throw back to games such as that. I’ve actually saw this title a few years back on Kickstarter where they were pitching the idea for the title and luckily it did get enough funding to get the green light, however I hadn’t seen or heard of anything else until now.

Resurfacing on Steam’ Early Access, Pocket Rumble is a very simple to play, yet incredibly deep fighting game, where you have access to just two buttons to fight it out, as well as a roster of 8 characters currently. And yes while this title is in Early Access right now, the creators of the game have stated that they are working on Pocket Rumble and plan on completing the title throughout the year, while providing incremental updates as it goes on. 

However if you think this game is anything but simple, you’re dead wrong. I’ve seen several development videos on this and they’ve gone as far as emulating a system similar to what is in Street Fighter 3/4, even as far as providing their own training room and have gone to great depth regarding the move-sets and frame data. There’s even super cancels in this game! Oh, did I mention that it also uses the GPPO netcode as well? That in it’s self should tell you something.

What’s more the game features several different modes, both online and offline, as well as some cameo appears from characters from other games such as “I wanna be the guy”, “An Elysian Tale”, “Nidhogg” and more. So if the sound a simple to play, yet deep and fun 2d fighter strikes your fancy, you may want to give Pocket Rumble a try. I know I will and we’ll be reporting back on the progress of the title throughout it’s development cycle.



Head over to http://store.steampowered.com/app/389050 for more info on Pocket Rumble and to get your own copy.

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