PERFECT BONES is the Next Netflix Original Anime

After adding Ajin and Knights of Sidonia to their lineup, Netflix has partnered with Production I.G. to bring another series exclusively to their online streaming service.  The new anime will be called Perfect Bones and Netflix describes the story as follows:

“Directed by Kazuto Nakakawa (House of Five Leaves, Zankyou no Terror), the 12-episode series is set in the future where scientists have tried to breed the “perfect human” in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through three children, the scientists send their “new humans” for further training where they are kidnapped by an evil organization set on using their powers to implement their own concept of a new world order.”

A statement from Netflix’s Vice President of International Originals, Eric Barmack was released on this new endeavor:

“We are incredibly excited to work with Production I.G, who have worked on hit series such as Attack on Titan and Psycho-Pass.” 

No word as of yet as to when the anime will premier.

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Josh Piedra

Josh (or J.J. as some have come to call him), is a long-time geek culture enthusiast with a deep passion for anime, manga and Japanese culture. Josh also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and is a creative writer who has created original content for over 20 years! He is also the author of the original English light novel Final Hope.