NYTF2016 – Playmates TMNT Talk to Me Mikey breaks it down

While we touched on this during our NYTF2016 Playmates booth coverage, we wanted to go a bit more in depth. As such, we were able to snag an interview regarding the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy, Talk to me Mikey, which will be released alter on during the fall of 2016 and will retail for $49.99. Talk to Me Mikey, will have over 100 different things to say as well as being able to understand what you say to him and more. 

During our hands on we were able to speak to Talk to Me Mikey, having him respond back to us in a manner of different ways and we all have a blast with it. In addition, this is only the start as Playmates wants to continue the line and the next turtle to be touched on will be that tough nut, Raphael. Now, that will be something to see, though i’m not sure they’ll be able to tone that character down. But only time will tell.

And we also want to thank Playmates and their Vice President, Jeff Trojan, for giving us some hands on with Talk to Me Mikey, as well as granting us an interview, even though they were extremely busy and the area was limited and crowded. How we managed this interview was beyond us, but we’re grateful we did.

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