Fallout 4 Patch Bringing a Bit of Content

Today on Steam, notes were posted for the next Fallout 4 patch (1.4), which is officially in beta and can be accessed on PC. In addition to a bevy of stability and glitch fixes, according to these notes the new version of the game will feature some new features as well. It all seems to be centered around the workshop, with “Super Mutant clutter including meat totems, meat bags and meat cart…Raider clutter including raider poles, cages and tents…Abstract and portrait paintings …Variety of new signs …More metal and wood doors variants” being listed among the new art customization headed to the game. This makes sense, as the upcoming DLC looks to feature some hefty expansions to the workshop’s capabilities as well. Additionally, add-on support has been listed in the notes as a new feature.

As of right now, this beta can only be accessed on PC. However, under the various fixes is listed a specific Xbox One glitch, which suggests that the patch will eventually be on all platforms. However, considering the previous patch was announced under similar circumstances and made its ways to consoles, this is hardly a surprise. Considering the improvements made to performance all around by that release, the thought of some new toys heading our way as well is tantalizing to say the least.

Keep on keeping on in the Wasteland, and make sure to check out my review to find out what I thought of the vanilla game. By the way, if you were wondering, the featured image is a wonderful mod that turns everybody’s favorite Brotherhood Paladin into a verifiable Space Ranger.