New King of Fighters XIV shows off some old fan favorites and King of Dinosaurs

SNK has recently released a new video for their upcoming fighter, King of Fighters XIV, which shows off some some old favorites. Making their debut are Clark, Terry and Maxima, as well as a new character who is being labeled as “King of Dinosaurs”, who seems to be a grappler. Hmm, reminds me of some other grappler that dresses like a tiger.

King of Fighters XIV is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, set to release some time in 2016.


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    Carlos Abdu

    Is it weird when this made on the cheap, PS2 looking fighter looks far more hype and offers more content than Street Fighter 5?! I think I pre-ordered the wrong game and I’m gonna put my foot in my mouth for calling this Dead on Arrival.

    And is that Tizoc as a fucking Dinosaur?!