Manga Review: FUKUFUKU: KITTEN TALES Volume 1

indexTitle: FukuFuku: Kitten Tales
Author: Konami Kanata
Publisher: Vertical
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 160
Genre: Comedy, Pets
Publication Date:
February 23, 2016

To fill the void left by the ever so popular Chi’s Sweet Home comes the much awaited FukuFuku: Kitten Tales by Konami Kanata. This series follows the famous elderly cat, FukuFuku from when she was a kitten. Instead of following a chronological set of events that tell a continuous story, each chapter tells of an event in the past. For example, one chapter covers FukuFuku’s first encounter with a tall plant and another shows her getting comfy under a kotatsu for the first time. Volume 1 consists of a set of flashbacks, probably from the old lady who lives with FukuFuku. This book is filled with all kinds of cute kitten “meee!” sounds. 

Final Word:

I thought this volume was really cute and did a good job capturing the kitten’s experiences with new things. Kanata also started the series in a clever manner – the first chapter opens with the fat and lazy FukuFuku fans already know. She rolls around and acknowledge a set of photographs taken of her when she was a kitten. I enjoyed every chapter in this first volume and I look forward to following the series. If the first volume is a good sample of the format Kanata has chosen to tell the kitten’s story, you probably won’t have the same urgent need to go out and buy the next volume. People will purchase the next volume simply because FukuFuku is super cute and they want more flashbacks.

It is important to note that unlike Chi’s Sweet Home, this one is printed in black-and-white.

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