Dimension W Vol. 1 Review

51rQHaV8+NL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Dimension W Vol. 1
Author: Yuji Iwahara
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 208
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: February 23, 2016

The year is 2036. A fourth dimension beyond X, Y, and Z has been discovered called Dimension W.  By 2071, New Tesla Energy, a company that has developed devices called Coils, has tapped into this dimension and began to harness its energy. Because as such, more than 60 towers have been constructed around the world and Earth is now being powered solely on this energy, but there are those out there who make illegal coils and it is up to Kyouma Mabuchi, a collector, to go around and retrieve those coils.

Final Thoughts
The first volume did a great job introducing the world of Dimension W to the reader. It establishes who Kyouma is, the people he works for, and sets up an interesting character in Mira, a very human-like robot who wants to experience the world of the collectors. I actually like the Mira character quite a bit as she has that “child’s innocence” air about her that makes her adorable, but she can be adult-like and serious when she needs to be.

After the introduction of Kyouma, Mira and a bit of action to set up how the seedy underground uses illegal coils, the volume sets up another rather interesting character who is simply called Loser. Loser is a thief who isn’t exactly good at stealing things… in fact, he goes out of his way to announce to the world just exactly what it is he’s stealing. Loser is targeting a statue called the Angel of Black and White Wings. Loser, who dresses as a superhero, makes an illegal announcement to broadcast his intentions of stealing the statue. Of course, there’s only way to make such an announcement and that is to use an illegal coil. It’s up to Kyouma and Mira to set out and retrieve the coil. While Kyouma has Loser distracted, Mira searches for the source of the broadcast, which she suspects is somewhere up high and that is where volume one ends.

It was kind of an odd place to end the first volume. Typically, it’s done with a cliffhanger to reel in you in and make you want to read the next volume, but this volume kind of feels empty with its final page.  You look to the next page to see where the dialogue goes and it’s just a black page with the Dimension W logo on it followed by a 2 page filler from the New Tesla Information Center to help you understand the world of Dimension W just a little bit more.

All in all this was a great read that was packed with action. A very interesting world has been laid out in front of us and despite the abrupt halt to the first volume, it’s interesting enough on its own to make you want to read more. I give this my recommendation if anyone wants to read what is shaping up to be a great sci-fi action series. On a side note, those gas prices! My God.

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