Black Bullet Vol. 2 Review

618RfFOLSXL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Black Bullet Vol. 2
Author: Morinohon (Art), Shinden Kanzaki (Story), Saki Ukai (Character Design)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: December 15, 2015

Volume two of Black Bullet picks up right where where Rentaro and Kisara are attending the meeting held by the Ministry of Defense when a rather large man, now known as Shougen Ikuma, takes exception to Rentaro being there; however, the fight is broken up and the meeting resumes. The leader of Tokyo, Seitenshi, wants them to retrieve a case that is inside the Gastrea that caused the incident back in volume one. Seitenshi is being questioned by Kisara when the masked man from volume one invades the meeting. His name is Kagetane Hiruko and he simply wants to destroy the world and obtain the case for himself. Now the race is on as to who will find the case first… the Civil Officers or Kagetane!

Final Thoughts
I’m really starting to like the dynamic aspect of the Kagatane character. When we met him in the first volume, he just seemed like he had a high prowess in martial arts, but it is here where we learn he is actually a modified being who was built for the Gastrea war. He even has his 10 year old daughter with him as his Initiator even though he’s not part of the Civil Security division.

If a bloodlusting amalgamation of science didn’t interest you enough, we take an emotional turn when Rentaro goes to pick up Enju. It is here that we see how the cursed children are truly treated. To humanity, they are simply nothing more than outcasts that don’t even deserve basic human rights. After a cursed child is almost killed by police just because she was hungry, Enju runs off and Rentaro goes off to find her only to discover that there are a lot of cursed children living in the sewers and being looked after by Matsuzaki, a caring elder who made it his duty to look after them. It truly is a sad scene to see that this is the only option these children have.

Also, there was interesting development when Kagetane wanted Rintaro to join him. Apparently Kagetane sees something in Rintaro and thinks he’d be perfect to aid him in his cause, but Rintaro refuses saying that he wants to do what is right. The fight between Rentaro and Kagetane was amazing and volume two gives us the classic cliffhanger ending where it appears Rentaro is about to be killed and Kagetane pulls the trigger… the end.  Kagetane is fast becoming one of my favorite villains as he’s completely ruthless, but he seems poised and dignified at the same time. He has a flair about him that makes him seem proper, but at the same time he has one of the coldest hearts you’d come across

Another fantastic volume that really gives us some depth to the Kagetane character and brings you through an emotional and heartfelt ride through the lives of the cursed children. It expanded the world of Black Bullet in so many different directions and even adding the government into this, you get a good sense of how big the world of Black Bullet really is. There are just too many interesting stories going on here and like I did with volume one, I’m giving this a my recommendation that you go out and pick up this series as it has, so far, exceeded my expectations!

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