Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets Details and Trailer

Earlier today, Square Enix held a live broadcast in which a variety of new information was given about the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II, along with a trailer. Coming to Japan on May 27th, the game will feature an all new original cast of four characters, as well as classic heroes from the series and those featured in the previous installment.

The sequel looks like it will be integrating more of its RPG roots into the gameplay. Rather than a world map, players will travel a more traditional “field” (though it will feature way points). Battles will occur seamlessly here, and there will be plenty of secret caves and entrances to find. Do not worry, though, as the classic battle maps will still be a part of Dragon Quest Heroes II.

Furthermore, the supporting cast in town will be enhanced with a new “Dharma Priest” that will allow the player to change the main character’s job. Ranging from soldier to martial artist to priest, these jobs will affect what items and skills the protagonist can use. These will also be learned through weapons now, as increased use will garner points towards that particular item’s skill.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will feature both cross-save and cross-play functionality for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, and will launch with the entire cast of the original title as free multiplayer DLC. Stay tuned for further information regarding the game’s western launch.


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