Destiny Scoops Up Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lead Writer

The (former) lead writer for Mass Effect Andromeda, Chris Schlerf, has confirmed via his Twitter account that he has officially left Bioware and will be working with Bungie on Destiny. In terms of his accolades, Schlerf was previously the lead writer on Halo 4. It should be noted that Schlerf’s involvement with the Mass Effect franchise was limited to Andromeda

Bioware has recently seen the departure of a number of high-profile names from their ranks, including Andromeda’s senior development director Chris Wynn and David Gaider, of Dragon Age fame. Now, creative talents come and go all of the time, and it does not necessarily indicate development issues. Then again, the infamous departure of Joe Staten (lead writer) from Bungie late in the process of Destiny’s development  was later revealed to have been a result of his work being thrown out the window last-minute. Therefore, there could be reason to be skeptical.

As far as the Destiny community is concerned, however, this is great news. While The Taken King certainly displayed far more in the way of cinematic storytelling than its vanilla predecessor, there is still room for improvement. This news also happily coincides with the announcement made last week by Activision and Bungie that, while we won’t see Destiny 2 until 2017, there will be expansion content coming later this year. A seasoned writer can only help make that release more enjoyable for a player base that is, right now, starved for PVE content.