A handful of Quantum Break gameplay videos surface

Quantum Break has to be to-date, Microsoft’s most locked down title in regards to content as we’ve yet to see much in the way of gameplay recently. However thanks to a few media outlets, we can now see what powers the protagonist of the game, Jack Joyce, has power over. There’s also several videos that show off the gameplay found in Quantum Break.

So if you were already hyped up for this game, then checking out the videos below will most definitely make you salivate in anticipation for the release of Quantum Break, which will be released on April 5 , 2016 for both the Xbox One and for the PC as a DirectX 12 (Windows 10) only title. I have to admit, I went from “I could care less” to “Holy Shit, this looks fantastic, must get this NOW”.

But if you simply don’t want to be spoiled, then by all means simply disregard these videos. You’ve been warned.