What’s this? A fan based X-men web series that brings back that 90’s flair

Looks like someone got tired of all of the craptastic cartoons from Marvel and yet at the same time, wanted to show off  a little love and flair to the once great X-men franchise. Being titled as a web series, X-men: Danger Room Protocols and created by Joel Furtado, I have to say this has my attention. As the title suggests, this project is centered around classical X-men characters, as they tackle the dangers of the Danger Room, two at a time, so we should see some good team chemistry.

Fans of the past 90’s X-men cartoon will quickly notice where the cues come from, as will fans of Capcom’s CPS2 and Konami’s 4/6 play X-men arcade titles. 


And while this a fan project, a lover letter to a classic that many of us grew up on, this has a lot of polish on it and looks very professional, hands down easily some of the best I’ve seen and that includes some of the stuff we’ve seen on TV… I’m looking at you Speed Racer: The Next Generation. Sadly, while I think this is a great idea and I love the premise of it, there’s a problem. A really BIG problem and that’s the project isn’t licensed by Marvel and therefore it isn’t licensed by Disney. And that could be an issue. And while Joel isn’t doing this for the money, Disney may not see it this way, but we can only hope that they don’t interfere. I mean, he’s gotten this far, hasn’t he?

Meet Joel, the man with the plan!

Meet Joel, the man with the plan!

Now in the past, Marvel may have allowed for fans of their properties to do things like this, now that they’ve owned by the House of Mouse, I haven’t seen or heard of many projects staying a float that have taken liberties with their properties. Now that said, I hope I’m wrong as I really want this project to keep going, I’m really digging it.


Ah, 90’s Jean and Nightcrawler

Marvel, if you find out about this project, please let this be. Ths is exactly what the fans of the X-men deserve… scratch that, if you find out about it, pick this guy up and let him have your blessing. Seriously, hire this guy.

And for everyone else, if you want more info on the project and what’s to come, be sure to check out Joel’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course, Youtube.

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