The First Psychonauts is Coming to PS4, First Story Details on Sequel

If you’re looking forward to playing Psychonauts 2, you may be happy to hear that the first game is coming to PS4.

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Double Fine Productions revealed that the classic PS2 platformer will be released on PS4 sometime this spring. This news also comes after Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine and creator of Psychonauts, revealed the first story details for the upcoming Psychonauts 2 during a Reddit AMA, as well as releasing a video, which you can see below. The comment by Tim in particular states:

“The story for Psychonauts 2 is something I wanted to do back when Psychonauts was released. In the intervening years I’ve been keeping a document of ideas going, with new mental worlds and story ideas going in as I think of them. So I’m starting this game with the rough story figured out, ideas for brains and mechanics, and an engine (Unreal).

In Psychonauts 2, Raz will finally get to go to Psychonauts headquarters–his lifelong dream. There he can see Sasha and Milla in their natural environment–international espionage. But he finds several things strange about the organization. While Truman Zanotto was missing, several changes to the direction of the organization were made by his second in command. Funding was cut from traditional psychic research and peacekeeping, and redirected to unorthodox, fringe endeavors, including the discredited practice of necromancy. Raz soon uncovers sinister things at work in the shadows of Psychonauts headquarters, including double agents and evils of the past. Raz’s own family history plays a pivotal part in the story, and Raz must confront the roots of the curse placed on his family once and for all. And also deal with this whole “girlfriend” term and what it really means. :)”

The fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 ends today and is fully funded (at 114% at the time of writing this, in fact). You can expect to see the classic Psychonauts on PS4 sometime this spring.

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