Outerhaven Anime: First Reaction – Dimension W


Science has advanced and has discovered a new dimension… a dimension with an inconceivable amount of energy. This has led to over 60 towers being built around the world with one sole purpose; to tap into this dimension and siphon its power. By doing so, the Earth has abandoned oil and fossil fuels and is now being powered by this new energy. In the middle of it lies New Tesla Energies, a company that makes “coils” which harness this energy and man named Kyouma, who is a collector; someone who seeks out and retrieves counterfeit coils. This is Dimension W.

First Episode Impressions

As with any introduction episode, Dimension W introduces you to their world straight away and they do a fantastic job of doing so. We get introduced to Kyouma, what he does, who he works for, what New Telsa is, the coils, and how the world works. It even sets up another character in Mira Yurizaki, who is a very human-like android that wants to become a collector when her father, a professor and former member of New Tesla, unleashes an EMP Bomb in an attempt to prevent capture by New Tesla during an illegal coil investigation.

A lot of information is thrown at you in the first episode, but it’s done at a great pace that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. There are moments where you get to breathe and take it all in and then there are moments like when Kyouma is fighting, that you forget all that and just stare at the great action.

The characters themselves aren’t anything we haven’t seen before, but it feels like they each have their own story to tell. I wouldn’t expect a first episode to tell you everything about a character, that would just be dumb, but what Dimension W offers here is a great insight to who they are now and allowing you to ask the questions pertaining to their pasts and how they got to where they are. In other words, they give you just enough information to engage you and get you interested. It’s what a lot of first episodes SHOULD do.

OP & ED Impressions

The opening theme is just awesome! “Genesis” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION provides us with an awesome techno beat that really encapsulates the world of Dimension W. The internet is already loving this because the opening depicts our gruff and tough main character dancing from scene to scene. If STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION sounds familiar, it should as they were the people who did the opening to Gangsta. This is an awesome song that I can’t wait for the full version of.

The ending is also a pleasure to listen to. “Fo’xTails” by Contrast starts off as a slow rock song and then sounds like it’s about to build up to something hard, but it just mellows out and goes with the flow. It’s got that feeling of an ending song at first and just when you think the track will stay mellow, it kicks the beat up just slightly to the point where it could pass as an opening theme. While the song is good, it’s not as good as the opening, but still enjoyable.

Worth Watching?

YES – The thought of advanced tech and an alternative power source isn’t anything new, but Dimension W seems to have its own vibe going for it. The artwork is nice to look at and the characters seem pretty interesting. Definitely worth giving a shot.

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