Sony’s NA marketing region could learn a thing or two from Japan

Being a part of the North American gaming scene, I frequently look at what the Japan market is doing. Regardless if it’s how they handle their audience, the niche titles that only seem to make it in Japan or their wacky advertisements on both TV and the web, they always seem to one-up anything that we get. And this new commercial that Sony of Japan just released, only reminds me of those points yet again.

This wacky, yet somewhat enjoyable commercial that shows up the upcoming Q1 2016 titles for the PlayStation 4 is a fantastic concept and sadly one that we’ll likely never see in the NA market. Fueled by a jammy backdrop by Tofubeats, it’s damn clear to see why anything that we have simply pales in comparison. And it’s not just the music, as the entire video is composed like a love letter. Each game is introduced by name and given several seconds of footage, akin to a car sales person trying to convince you that you want this game… no, you need this game. It’s so elegant, pushy and it’s point is clear. The PlayStation 4 has a lot to over in Q1 2016, and if you forgot that, well you’re on check on.

Though thankfully, the power of the internet helps fill that void and we can enjoy this as well.

Hey Sony of America, you need to catch up and take some of whatever the Japanese team is taking. This commercial is gold and we could really use of this over here.

Damn I’m loving this and it ain’t even McDonalds….. FYI, I hate McDonalds.

But what happened? Once upon a time, Sony of America’s commercials were pretty good, some extremely amusing and enjoyable. Remember the ones that included Sony’s previous fake spokesperson with Kevin Butler (Jerry Lambert)? We haven’t seen anything that creative from the NA Sony camp since 2011. With Sony being clearly in lead of this generation of console wars, I can’t even understand why they would stop the momentum now. With such wonderful ideas on getting the message out there coming from Japan, somehow, someone needs to get Sony of America off the sidelines and have into the prime time.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love for them to take a look of the commercials that made them a success back during the PlayStation 1-2 days.

Seriously Sony, we’re E. 

Source: Playstation Japan Blog

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