Sony wants to trademark “Let’s Play.” Really?

Ever since 2016 rolled in and ushered in a new year of gaming, it seems that Sony isn’t having the best of times. Sure, they do have the number #1 gaming console and it’s still selling like hotcakes. However in PR department, things could be a bit better – for example that Ddos issue they had earlier that knocked a massive amount of gamers off the PlayStation Network and now for some reason they want to trademark a very generic and widely used phrase: “Let’s Play!”

PlayStation AvatarLet’s Play indeed, something that has been said by just about anyone who’s ever wanted to play a game and not just in the video game sense. However, that didn’t stop the electronic giant from actually trying to trademark it and make it a property of Sony. Thankfully, the United States Patent and Trademark Office didn’t let that slip through (see, they do pay attention at times) and sent that request back to Sony, asking them “what the hell they were thinking.”

Ok, they didn’t say it just like that, but you get the gist of it. While I would totally understand if it was something they created or had a hand in, but that’s just it… they didn’t. They are openly trying to take ownership of something that has belonged to everyone for as long as I can recall or my parents or my parents parents, and that’s pretty scummy. However, we aren’t out of woods just yet, as Sony has up to June 29, 2016, to appeal and clarify why they want to trademark the saying, so things will be getting a bit more interesting. Especially if Sony has to state exactly why they want it trademarked.

But why are they attempting to even trademark something that is so widely used? The thought is ps4-trans-01that Sony wants to use this in some sort of new and upcoming service or even an advertisement,  similar to how Microsoft has “Jump In,” though I’m pretty sure that phrase isn’t trademarked. Sony hasn’t officially stated the actual reason, can you think of all the issues would be caused if Sony manages to get “Let’s Play” trademarked? Look at YouTube, if you had to only look at one place. The sheer amount of videos on YouTube that are titled “Let’s Play” would instantly infringe on a copyright and would either have to be changed, the creators would sued or Sony would have their hand in just about everyone’s monetization. 

And while that’s just speculation, you got to wonder about two things. First up, how did they even think that there wouldn’t be any issues getting that trademarked and two, of course is why? I don’t even want to fathom what would happen if they were eventually granted the trademark. The next thing you know, if anyone says “Let’s Play,” a Sony lawyer would descend from the gaming heavens and either provide a C&D order or a summons to appear in court, neither of which sound like fun.

But seriously Sony, what gives?

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