Press Release: Origins – The Best of Nobody’s Video Game Club Music

DJ J-Ball (real name Jamal A. Myers) sent in the following:

“Because I am crazy enough to try it.”
“Because I want people to know who I am.”
“Because of the fact that I wanna go forward, you need to see what I left behind.”
There are many reasons why I would try something like release an album collection with over 40 songs on it. Most of the reason is because I just wanna get the stuff out there. I had some success with my Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario World EPs but no one really knew what else I did.
Growing up, I always heard about Baltimore Club Music and how big it was in the Baltimore / D.C. / Virginia area (commonly know as the DMV). For a short period I lived in Baltimore where I first heard of the music and I was hooked. As a DJ, I wanted to make my own tracks and have myself out there. I made my first song in 2010 based off the Microsoft Startup Sound which was a complete joke. I did it out of humor. Then I got deep into the music and was seeing the success. I was getting played in clubs and getting recognition and it felt awesome.
The moment that changed me was in 2012 when I first attended MAGFest (The Music And Gaming Festival). I heard all types of tribute music and originals in many different genres. All of them … except club music. It was there I decided to do it myself. I was gonna take kicks, shakers, claps, chants, break beats and everything great about club music and do it to VGM tracks.
This project is over 40 of the tracks I have made in the past couple of years. It contains tracks from games like Angry Birds, Sparkster, Super Castlevania IV, Final Fantasy VIII, Skyrim, Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Tennis, Super Mario Kart, Soul Edge, Street Fighter II, and many others. I want people to hear what I am capable of and find a new way to bump to VGM tracks.
Check out my project ORIGINS: The Best Of Nobody’s Video Game Club Music at and also get your copy of my Sonic and Super Mario EPs at the site.