Playstation VR: Potential Price Leaks

Following the unveiling that the Oculus Rift would cost 600 USD, the VR battle has begun to intensify. Gamers are now speculating when Sony will come forth with details regarding their platform, Playstation VR. More importantly, fans and potential customers want to know what that price point will be.

Today, courtesy of GamingBolt, we may have gotten a glimpse at what that final retail sticker will look like. The site points out a Swiss retailer, who has listed Playstation VR at 498 Swiss Francs. That is 495.53 USD. If this information is real, we could imagine then that the platform will sell at retail for around the 500 USD mark (499.99 will probably look a little bit better). Keep in mind, however, that Sony has not made any comment as to the veracity of this information as of yet.

Should this prove a legitimate price tag, then this may prove to be a bit more costly than many hoped. However, Sony would still be able to claim that their machine is cheaper than the popular alternative, the Oculus Rift. It should also be noted that, if this is true, then Michael Pachter would once again be wrong, having come forth recently with the prediction that the Playstation VR would be 400 USD. For once, I would have preferred the man to have been right about something.