The first images of Platinum Games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear

While it’s been known for quite some time that Platinum Games is working on the upcoming TMNT game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, there hasn’t been any footage of images of the game in the wild. Sure there’s been speculation of what it could look like as well as what the games achievements would be, that’s pretty much it.

Until now that is. Thanks to PureXbox, we now screens of what the game looks like and as typical flair, the game has cel-shaded similar to Platinum’s most recent release,  Transformers: Devastation. And while I wish we could see the game in action, I’m really liking the art style, though I’m not exactly sure why their drawn with noses. Also shown in the images are multiple heroes at once, so here’s to hoping that this means there will be 4 player co-op, like like old times.

There’s no announced release date for the title, nor no announced platforms though I’m pretty sure we’ll see it on the past generation and current generation consoles, maybe even perhaps the PC.

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    Carlos Abdu

    So we are getting a game based on the IDW comics! Damn, good on Nick for not taking the easy way out with this brand, though it looks they wanna compromise on the looks between Santalouco’s artstyle and the Bay Turtles.