North American Anime and Manga Releases

Here are your North American Anime and Manga Releases for the week of 1/3/16 to 1/9/16.  Enjoy!

Anime Releases

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie TrilogySunrise$49.99January 5
Pet Shop of Horrors OVA Sentai Filmworks$19.98January 5
Dai – Shogun – Great RevolutionSentai Filmworks$49.98January 5

Manga Releases

Blue Exorcist Vol 14Viz Media$9.99January 5
A Certain Scientific Accelerator Vol 2Seven Seas Entertainment$12.99January 5
Coppelion Vol 8 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
The Demon Prince of Momochi House Vol 3Viz Media$9.99January 5
Fort of Apocalypse Vol 9 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Fuka Vol 6 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Honey So Sweet Vol 1Viz Media$9.99January 5
Kimi ni Todoke – From Me to You Vol 23Viz Media$9.99January 5
Kiss of the Rose Princess Vol 8Viz Media$9.99January 5
Lone Wolf and Cub Vol Omnibus 11Dark Horse Comics$19.99January 6
Merman in My Tub Vol 2Seven Seas Entertainment$11.99January 5
My Love Story!! Vol 7Viz Media$9.99January 5
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san Vol 11 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Naruto Vol Box Set (49-72)Viz Media$174.99January 5
Naruto Vol Omnibus 37-39Viz Media$14.99January 5
Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Silver Spring VolViz Media$9.99January 5
Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol 19Viz Media$9.99January 5
Nisekoi: False Love Vol 13Viz Media$9.99January 5
One-Punch Man Vol 4Viz Media$9.99January 5
Parasyte Vol 6 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Senran Kagura: Skirthing Shadows Vol 3Seven Seas Entertainment$12.99January 5
Space Brothers Vol 11 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Sweetness and Lightning Vol 1 (Digital Only)Kodansha Comics$10.99January 5
Twin Star Exorcists Vol 3Viz Media$9.99January 5
World Trigger Vol 8Viz Media$9.99January 5
Yo-Kai Watch Vol 3Viz Media$9.99January 5

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