New Street Fighter V TV commercial, featuring the community

So, during the NFC championship game (in which the Panthers stomped) Capcom had their newest Street Fighter V commercial aired on FOX. Titled ‘Tap Into It’, it features not only an exciting montage of gameplay clips and the dramatic voiceover you may have come to expect from things like this… but also showcases the whole community that has made Street Fighter what it is today. From players to cosplayers, artists to audience, this new commercial isn’t just about SFV, it’s about us.

And for me, I mean that quite literally. I unwittingly make a cameo appearance about 40 seconds in, hype, shock, and awe etched on my face and all. Capcom really did a great job showing their community driven focus with this one, and I’m glad to have been a small part of it in the end.

Check it out! 

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    Carlos Abdu

    Ooohh Shiiiyet! Sumbody get the fam, Nitro is on the tee-vees! WOOO-WEEE!

    Also, something about a video game featuring fighting chinamen…