New Dark Souls 3 images released

Thanks to the Dark Souls 3 Facebook page, we’re able to check out several new images from the upcoming title. And if you’re Dark Souls fiend like I am, well i’m sure you’re thirsting for any new content or info regarding the game, so just check out these screenshots and prepare to pick your chin off the ground… and don’t drool over your keyboard, I’m pretty sure it’s expensive.

Dark Souls 3 releases this March 2016, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. Which platform are you getting it on? Let us know in the comments below. Me? I’m double dipping on the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. Why? I want that statue for one and it’s not includes in the PC, at least not in North America.

dark-souls-3-new-01 dark-souls-3-new-02 dark-souls-3-new-03 dark-souls-3-new-04 dark-souls-3-new-05 dark-souls-3-new-06 dark-souls-3-new-07 dark-souls-3-new-08 dark-souls-3-new-09 dark-souls-3-new-10