Marvel Comics to see Civil War 2

Back in 2006, Marvel came out with one of my favorite events, Civil War. In it, most of the Marvel Universe was split into two sides after the actions of superhero team, New Warriors, resulted in the death of hundreds. After a call for registration to make the identities of powered people public, another side rose to oppose it. Leading the Pro-Registration side was Iron Man, while Captain America headed the Anti-Registration team. It was a bitter conflict that would have lasting impacts on the Marvel Universe.

This time around, with Civil War 2, a new character comes into the fray who is able to tell the events of the future. The current Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) leads a team who believes this power can be used to stop crime before it occurs. Taking charge once again is Iron Man, who believes that nobody should be punished for a crime that hasn’t occurred yet.

It has also been announced that by the end of this conflict, one hero will meet their demise. 

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