Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set for Infinity 3.0 to include one figure?

Rumors circulated a while ago that when the first of many Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is released, it would only include just one figure. This is somewhat of a departure since all Infinity Play Sets, since the original, had included two different figures. However thanks to a image released by B&H Photo, that rumor has been put to rest as we can clearly see that there is in fact just one figure included, the updated Captain America from Captain America: Civil War upcoming film.


How while I’m a big Cap fan, I’m lost on this concept. Isn’t Disney Infinity’s entire purpose to insight co-op game-play? Why the certain change from including two characters to just one? No Winter Solider, no updated Falcon, no Scarlet Witch, nothing. If anything else, this is definitely an odd twist, if anything else.

The Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is set for a March 15, 2016 release date and will retail for $29.99