Get Your Drawn to Death Private Access Codes (Playstation 4)

Some of you may remember our very brief coverage on the upcoming Free-to-play shooter, Drawn to Death a few months back. To jog your memory, Drawn to Death is a third person shooter that takes place within a student’s notebook. Aesthetically, the game takes on the looks of doodles you might find in the pages of a bored student. Said to be fast paced, but with no real progression, the only thing differentiating a new and older player is experience, and not weapon or skill unlocks.

Yesterday night, director David Scott Jaffe took to Twitter and gave out a code that can redeemed on the Playstation store for access to the private access. There’s no word on if there’s a limit to the amount of redeems, so I’d jump on it as soon as I can (I’m currently downloading it myself).

Drawn to Death

The code: 9BEN-KNNL-QB5N

To redeem, scroll left on the main menu of your Playstation 4 until you see “Playstation Store” then hit X. When there, scroll down until you see “Redeem Code” and then enter the above code.