Capcom releases Street Fighter V game modes trailer

Street Fighter V is just around the corner and as such, media surrounding the game has been high. Now, two weeks and change away from launch, Capcom has released a trailer for the game’s various modes.

As the trailer shows, the game’s starting modes will be Tutorial, Character Story mode, Survival mode, Training mode, Network Battle, and Capcom Fighters Network (CFN).

As it stands, we have already seen at least a portion of the tutorial. Whether or not there will be further lessons and/or trials contained therein is currently unknown.

Character Story mode may or may not be taking the place of a conventional arcade mode, with a formula that would conceivably be similar to the tutorial. Then again, little was revealed in terms of the mode’s formula, so it could potentially just be visual comic for each character.  Completing the character story for each fighter will unlock a costume that said fighter wears in their story for purchase with fight money (SFV’s in-game currency).

If Character Story is not taking the place of an arcade ladder, Survival mode is. From what was shown, the goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible before your life bar runs out. After each(?) fight, a menu appears allowing the player to use the points that they’ve earned through the fights they’ve won so far for boosts in the next fight. Different degrees of progress will unlock different colors for the character used.

The rest doesn’t bear much introduction to seasoned fans as they were/are accessible in the beta. However, here’s a quick rundown for the uninitiated: training mode is as in most other modern fighters, but has a robust recording system that allows for more specialized training.
Network battle is exactly what it sounds like: online matches. There will be a casual and a ranked mode, the latter having various tiers and leagues for players to work their way into, but specifics are not known.

Finally, CFN is a hub for players around the world. It shows a heat map for what areas of the world are currently active, and allows for the following of other players and their data pertaining to the game.

According to the trailer, more modes will be added to the game in a post-launch patch, which most likely means this summer thanks to the data given from the Cinematic Story trailer. Other than that, it’s looking like Street Fighter V will soon be done with it’s publicity run. Hopefully, everything will be brought to light in greater detail soon enough.

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