An interesting take on zombies with upcoming FPS Moving Hazard

Left for Dead, Dying Light and a handful of other games that feature zombies, they all have one thing in common; The zombies are the bad guys or the ones doing the damage. However, a new title, Moving Harzard, looks to put an interesting spin on the zombie genre. Sure, it’s a fps and sure it features zombies, however this time around the zombies are … at your command?

Moving Hazard is a team-based shooter that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, like so other many games. Yet what sets it apart is that you will have access to weaponized zombies that you’ll be able to use a weapon like you would a grenade or gun. The title was unveiled  during the 2016 CES show,w here they showed it off for the first time. Built on the Unreal Engine 4 and in development by Illfonic & Psyop Games, this game looks to set it’s self apart from the typical zombie craze. Planned for a Steam Early Access release in February 2016, so far only the PC has been confirmed as the only platform this game will appear on and it’s not sure if this will also feature any F2P features or micro-transactions, at least not yet.

Game Features:

• Team-Based Tactical Multiplayer: Get back to the core of amazing multiplayer on PC – two teams required to communicate, work together, and use carefully thought-out tactics to defeat opponents.
• Zombies as Weapons: The military survivors who remain have developed the means to control the shambling masses, using new weaponry to direct them to destroy foes. Some examples include:

  • The Pheromone Attractor Molotov (aka The PAM): makes any infected go into a frenzy and hunt down enemies for a short period of time;
  •  The Chaos Grenade: which stuns enemies while frenzying nearby zombies;
  •  The Templar: broadcasts a signal that repels zombies, forcing the horde to turn in their tracks to head away as fast as possible.

Maps and Modes: More than six multiplayer maps in a variety of gameplay modes including Team Deathmatch, Scavenger, King of the Hill, and more; single-player scenario mode and cooperative horde modes will also be available (four maps, one horde mode available at Early Access release).

  •  Classes, Customization, Loadouts: Players will choose from several classes and will customize loadouts to fit strategies; players will also have access to a deep ability and meta system to upgrade personal stats and hideouts based on accumulated XP.
  • Smash-Up of Intense Genres: Take your favorite team-based military shooter like Counter Strike and add in your favorite zombie lore like The Walking Dead – that’s the core of Moving Hazard.
  • Zombies the Way Zombies Were Meant to Be: The rotting corpses in Moving Hazard shamble with the inevitability of unsatisfied hunger; they lurch, they grab, and they consume flesh, but there are no gigantic mutant zombies here – just classic, walking dead people who want to eat your face.
  • Full Arsenal of Tactical Military Equipment and Weaponry: Players are armed with military-grade assault weapons, classic fragmentation and smoke grenades, claymores and more.
  • Brutally Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic World: Fifty years after the collapse of civilization due to a fast-moving and unstoppable zombie plague, the world is in ruins – Moving Hazard offers an intense and realistic recreation of this degraded environment using bleeding-edge Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Expect to see more of Moving Hazard during PAX South 2016, as well as when it hits Early Access later in February 2016. But if you want more, head on over to

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